Tradition & Expertise

Pretty Ballerinas have been made by craftsmen in the same village on the Mediterranean island of Menorca, Spain, since 1918. Every worker is an expert in ballerina manufacture and instinctively knows when each shoe is just as it should be.

Quality Materials

The lasts (the form used to give Pretty Ballerinas their shape and hence their great fit and comfort) are made by the best lastmakers in the world, based in Forli. The same company make the lasts for all the most prestigious Italian and French fashion brands.

We recycle (and have always done so), treat our workers well and know everyone personally who is involved in the production of our products. Many workers are descended from the original workers from when we started in 1918 and most have other family members working alongside them.

Today, Ballerinas has 80 shops all over the world in the most chic fashion shopping areas - Milan, London, New York, Beverly Hills to name a few.